Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter iPad Finals

Winter iPad Finals

Today the World Languages Department successfully had the most students ever take their final exams on the iPads: 20 classes with seven different levels!

There is front-end work involved: About two-three hours to type one final exam on myMitty, plus testing and editing. are the benefits:
  1. Instant results that can be entered to Webgrade (No waiting for the scantron machine)
  2. Not having to worry about making enough copies
  3. No "Version A", or "Version B". You can have "Version infinity" (slight hyperbole) as multiple-choice answers are different for each student
  4. Students get their score as soon as they press the "submit" button
  5. Edits are easily made without having to make "errata"
  6. No paper or scantron waste
Tests can use multiple-choice, cloze questions with drop down multiple choice or fill-in, short answer, matching, or true/false.

See Rose or Graham for more information about write myMitty tests.

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