Monday, August 26, 2013

Broadcasting a PowerPoint presentation

Broadcast your presentation to your students

With PowerPoint 2011, you can broadcast your slide show to your class. You send a link to your students (or create a link on myMitty). The students simply click on the link, and they can follow along on their iPads while you present the slideshow live. This allows students to interact with the presentation if you have links in the slides to Google forms questions, for example. Since this is actually a website, your students don't even need to have PowerPoint on their device.

The only thing you need to broadcast is a free, Windows Live ID account.

Click one of the links below to see the steps to do your broadcast:

Reference #2

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Managing myMitty Auto-Enrollments

In order to make your myMitty page accessible to incoming students, the auto enrollment process must be completed. This allows you to dis-enroll last year's students and enroll the current classes.
Click the video below and follow the steps.

Adding Templates to your Google Drive

Since Google Drive has made some changes, the template link has been deleted and needs to be added. Here are step-by-step instructions followed by a video showing the same process. (Thanks to Carl Silva for creating these steps!)

1. Go to Google Drive.
2. Click on Create and select Connect more apps at the bottom.
3. In the Search the store field type Template and then hit return.
4. Select Drive Template Gallery by clicking on +Connect.
5. A window will appear stating that the above is connected to Google Drive. Click OK.

You can now add those calendars. How?

1. Go to Create.
2. Select ...from template.

Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Copy and Scan with the New Copiers

As you might have noticed, new copiers were installed over the summer. Here are two short video tutorials that Stephen put together to demonstrate the new features.

How to copy with the new scanners - a short video tutorial

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How to Scan with the new Copiers  - a slightly longer video tutorial

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Using Doodlecast Pro to Make a Tutorial Video

Have you ever wondered how to make a tutorial video entirely from your iPad?  I recently made a video tutorial for students using an app called Doodlecast Pro.

For this tutorial, I took screenshots of each step, added the screenshots to a blank Keynote, and then exported the Keynote to Doodlecast Pro.  From there, the work was easy--I used the record feature to talk through each step, adding my own writing at times to make my instructions as clear as possible.  When I made mistakes, I'd stop the recording, rewind until I found the error, and then erase that part of the recording.  When I finished my recording, I uploaded the video to YouTube so students would be able to access it.