Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Google Maps Coming Soon!

There is an update to Google Maps coming soon. Check out this video for more details:
If you would like to be at the head of the line to try out the new user interface, you can request an invitation.

It was enabled for my personal Google account last night, and so far I really like it. There is a lot more space for map details and it is much easier to use fun (and helpful) features like street view.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

GeoGuessr: Where in the World Am I?

If you have a chance, check out GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr is a game that uses Google Maps Street View images to virtually drop you somewhere in the world. You job (as a game player) is to figure out where you are based on the contextual clues in the image. The closer you are to the actual location, the more points you get.

I had a lot of fun playing, plus I learned that even in Finland stop signs use the English word STOP and that rural Saskatchewan looks a lot like rural Vermont. You can even compete against another person!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Add events to Google Calendar from Gmail

Dates and times within emails are now lightly underlined. You can click them to schedule events at those dates and times without ever leaving Gmail. When you click on one of these underlined dates, you will be able to preview your schedule for the day and change the title, date or time of the event. You can then add the event to your calendar by clicking on “Add to calendar”. In addition, the calendar event will include a link back to the original email so you always have context.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Great iTunes Card Deal: $100 iTunes Card for $85

We seem to be in deal posting mode this week!

If you are interested in beefing up your iTunes library you can buy a $100 iTunes card for only $85 at Best Buy today. You can pick up your card in the store or have it shipped to your house.

Traveling internationally with your cell phone?

International plans from American cellular provides can be costly. Check out this website for the various cellular plan options available in each country. In the site's own words: this wiki collects information about prepaid mobile phone plans from all over the world. Not just any plans though, they must include decent data rates, perfect for iPhone, iPad and Android smart phone travellers, as well as mifi users.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chipotle BOGO offer for Teacher Appreciation Day

Today is teacher appreciation day at Chipotle and all entrées are BOGO with your AMHS ID from 4PM until closing.

You can also download the Chipotle app to place your order ahead of time and pickup at the Chipotle nearest you.