Saturday, December 1, 2012

Technology Support by Members of Spectrum Faculty Library, Parker Hall

  • Here are Spectrum Hours for Fall 2012
  • Period 1: Nicki Limoges
  • Period 2: Antoinette Vu
  • Period 3A: Matt DePalma
  • Period 3B: Amie Jan
  • Period 4: Rose Lopez
  • Period 5: Dave Brown

  • Period 6: Tara Walker

  • Period 7A: Graham Oleson

  • Period 7B: Kate Slevin

  • Period 8: (none; teachers with a free 8th will have to seek help during a lunch period or individually with Spectrum members).

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Google+ enabled for

Recently Google+ became available for K-12 Google Apps users. We have turned it on for the domain. You may notice that there navigation bar along the top of your browser has changed:

Clicking on +You will prompt you to set up a Google Profile.  The security and privacy warnings can be intimating, but I encourage you to look past them and complete you profile.

You can read more about Google+ here. Please share any information or opinions in the comments or with me directly.

Welcome to the AMHS Technology Blog!

Hello World!

We are trying something new in Spectrum. We are exploring using a blog to share technology information with Mitty Faculty and Staff. We will, of course, still send out an email about important IT issues. This blog is intended to be of a place to talk about tips, tricks, and other interesting technology related topics.