Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Allow App and Book Assignments on Your iPad

We are in the process of improving the method we use to distribute apps and books to your iPads. Sometime today, you will receive a message on your iPad (or possibly your iPhone) asking you to Allow App and Book Assignment from casper.mitty.com.

When this message arrives on your iPad (or iPhone), you will need to complete the following steps:
  • Allow App and Book Assignment from casper.mitty.com
  • Enter your Apple ID Password when prompted
  • Agree twice to the Terms and Conditions
The Apple ID association process takes less than 30 seconds. If you would like to see detailed overview of the process, directions are available here: http://kb.mitty.com/s/kb/m/4909/l/205673

If you accidentally hit cancel on any of the windows, you will have another opportunity to associate your Apple ID with Mitty in the next 12 to 24 hours.

Once the association is in place, we will be able to assign apps and/or books to you and they will be added to your iPad in seconds.


Movenote is a one-of-a-kind video presentation tool online and on your portable devices. Movenote is incredibly versatile and is being used in education for blended and flipped learning, in sales and marketing and in everyday messaging. Recording your presentations is easy and quick and everything is sharable online by email or social media with a simple link. Since everything is on a cloud server, you can access your videos practically anywhere and with the statistics tool you will be able to see who watched your video and when. Movenote videos can be watched on any device that supports video, no matter if they have movenote on them or not. You can use movenote directly from your Gmail and your Google Drive and on any desktop computer, laptop, iOS or Android device. Movenote is here to change the way we communicate, join the move(note)meant!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Keyboard Command to Add Links in Google Products

Do you ever get tired of searching for and then clicking on the link button to add links to your class calendar, emails, or GoogleDocs?  Use Command-K in any Google-supported product to add links.   It makes the process much more efficient!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Partifi - create individual parts from a musical score

Just for my colleagues in the Music Department!

Partifi is a free online tool made for musicians by musicians. If you have only a score and want to make parts from the score, you can import the PDF onto this website, do a bit of labeling, and then it will "cut and paste" each line of the score to create separate instrumental parts.

Here's the site: http://partifi.org

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to automatically skip the first 30 seconds of a YouTube video

Have you ever noticed that the first 30 seconds of some Youtube videos are not necessary, here is how to automatically skip the wasted time!

To automatically push past the first 30% of your Youtube video, just add  “&wadsworth=1” to the end of any YouTube URL.

To learn more about the studies and facts behind this helpful tip, please visit this article.

Go ahead and try it, it works pretty consistently!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How To Add Your Students' Email Addresses To Your Homework Calendar

This is an easy was to access all your students email address and use them to share your homework calendar. This is a good way to allow your students access to your live homework calendar without going through mymitty and going around the Google Drive issues.

1. Login to my.mitty.com

2. Click on GRADES
 3. Click on EXPORT


5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click SELECT ALL/NONE-this will unselect all your assignments.

6. Click SUBMIT

7. click DOWNLOAD

8. The file will go to your download folder and if it does not open automatically go there to find it. It will be title your class name + grades.
9. Highlight all the emails and copy them.

10. Go to your homework calendar in Google Drive and click SHARE

 11. PASTE all the email address in to the invite people box and make sure to change can edit to CAN VIEW and then send.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Prezi is a free online tool that allows teachers and students to create engaging presentations. Teachers in most disciplines can replace a dry PowerPoint or Keynote with a more dynamic Prezi presentation. Furthermore, students can create and show Prezis in class using the iPad App or at home on their computers. Accounts are free. Here are some helpful links:

Video Introduction
Education Page
Prezi App