Friday, August 22, 2014

The White House Student Film Festival

Last year the White House challenged students across the country to tell a story about how they are using technology in their classrooms. They were specifically asked to use film to articulate "why technology is important, and how it will change the educational experience for kids in the future." 
There were over 2,500 entries. Although he didn't make the final cut, my son Jeremy's film about student interns at the Buck Institute was among the finalists. It was incredibly exciting for my family to imagine that our son's dedication to film making could earn a guest appearance at the White House.
In the end only 16 films were officially selected to be viewed at private White House screening. Below are my favorites for each of the four major categories. I wonder what Mitty students will produce for this year's competition? 

Young Visionaries

Future Innovators

World of Tomorrow

Building Bridges

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