Friday, February 6, 2015

Need a Class Roster with Student emails?

Accessing a current class roster complete with student emails is extremely valuable! This roster is useful for creating class accounts, sharing anything Google (folders, forms, calendars, docs etc.) collaborating on a blog, or simply emailing your students. 

This hidden gem of a list is located within "Grades" option on your myMitty page. Last year, Kendra Olsen outlined these directions but since this is such an amazing feature I am updating her work with images from myMitty version 2.

How to Add Your Students' Email Addresses to Your Homework Calendar

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This is a good way to access all your students email address.

1. Login to

2. Click on GRADES

3. Click on EXPORT


5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click SELECT ALL/NONE--this will unselect all your assignments.

6. Click SUBMIT

7. A preview of your student roster appears

8. Under Export click DOWNLOAD

8. The file will go to your download folder. It will be titled your class - your name Grades.xlsx

9. Highlight all the emails and copy them.

10. Share away! Create a class contact list or share your homework calendar, documents, survey forms, add students to your class Blogger site, or share a class folder. 

Extra Credit: Other Google Examples...

Co-author a Class Blog with Blogger

Class contact group

1. Select Contacts under Mail then create a New Group

2. Name your group then open the contact list

3. Under the + icon paste all student emails and then click ADD

4. Share Google files or email the entire class with the group contact name.

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