Monday, January 28, 2013

Board Cam (Using your iPad as a document cam or whiteboard)

Board Cam is an app that basically transforms your iPad into a document camera or a white board. By using AppleTV to mirror your iPad on the projector, you can show a live feed from your iPad's camera, and then write on top of the video image, or show a pointer to direct people's attention to a certain part of the screen. There is also the option of recording the session so that you can post a video of it on MyMitty for your students to reference later.

Here's a video that I made using Board Cam:


1) Walk around the classroom with your iPad, projecting examples of student work for the rest of the class to see. You can use the pointer or pen to discuss certain areas of the work.

2) Set up your iPad at your own desk, point it at something (a worksheet, a book, lab setup - anything you want to show the class that they may not be able to see from their desks at the back of the room). Then you can demonstrate how to do a part of a lab, or project, or work out an example problem on a worksheet. Record the session and post it on MyMitty so that students can refer to the video again later.

3) Use the Board Cam app to "freeze" an image. This basically takes a picture for you, and then you can write on top of the still image. This might be helpful when you want to show impromptu examples to the class. Just aim your iPad at the example, take a picture of it, and then use the pen or pointer to discuss or work out a problem for the class to see. You can also use any picture in your Camera Roll as a background image and write on top of it.

4) Use the White Board feature to transform your iPad into a white board. You can now take your iPad anywhere in the room, and still be able to write on the board, or use a pointer to point to different areas of the board.

If you'd like to check out this app yourself, go to Self-Service on your iPad to download the app. Enjoy!

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