Monday, January 14, 2013

Using Guided Access on the iPad

Using Guided Access on the iPad

Link to video on iTunes

Here is how you would explain to your students how to initialize the "Guided Access" mode on their iPad :

1.  Open "Settings"
2.  Go to the "General" tab
3.  Tap "Accessibility"
4.  Tap "Guided Access" (under 'Learning')
5.  Turn "Guided Access" ON
6. Tap "Set pass code".  Type "1,2,3,4” (or whatever you'd like they pass code to be, but make it easy).
7.  Make sure "enable sleep" is OFF.
8.  I would also make sure that "Auto correct" and "Check spelling" are turned OFF when using Guided Access:  go back to the first page of the "General" settings, tap "Keyboard", turn "Auto correct" and "Check spelling" OFF.

When you are ready for the students to activate the "Guided learning" mode, have them:
  1. Open MyMitty to access the quiz.  
  2. Once it's open, have the students press three times the "Home" button and the window will shrink.
  3. Have them draw a rectangle around the URL window and Google search window (make sure they're completely covered in grey).
  4. Finally, have them press the "Start" button.
  5. Also, make sure the “motion” button (bottom right) is “OFF”. If left on, the student can move the iPad from “landscape” mode to “portrait” mode and this will turn “Guided Access” off.

When they've completed the assessment and want to quit out of the "Guided learning" mode, they need to click the "Home" button three times again, enter the pass code , and tap "End".

I would suggest have the students do the set up earlier (maybe the day before), so that all they need to do is open the assessment and then start the "Guided learning" mode without having to do the set up.

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