Monday, March 4, 2013

Monarch Madness

Veteran faculty know that a well -fitting set of earplugs is essential  during the evening festivities.
  But just how loud is the cheering from the competing classes?
  Help is at hand.

Decibel Ultra is a free iPad app that measures " loudness" through sound pressure measurements .
 The app will measure up the 125 decibels. 
As a guide:
Normal conversation   50dB-    Moderate Level
Lawn Mower              80 dB-   Very Loud
Disco / Concert music 105dB   Extremely loud
Monarch Madness 2013.....................TBD


  1. The mic on an iPhone is easily overmatched above 100 dB, you would need a special mic to confirm what we already know, it is louder than a rock concert 130 dB plus...