Tuesday, March 26, 2013

myMitty Assignments and Maximum File Size

When creating an assignment in myMitty, an often overlooked field is the default assignment size.

Maximum Size is located in the Upload section, just below grading a due date

If you have assigned a video project, double-checking the maximum file size on your myMitty assignment is very important. The default size is 10MB, which is a generous amount of space for a paper or a presentation.  However a 2 minute student video will be between 50 to 150 MB in size.

To be safe, when creating a myMitty assignment for student video submissions, change the Maximum Size from 10MB to the course limit (currently 250 MB).
The course limit is a dynamic setting - if 250 MB isn't sufficient, the IT department can increase the limit system-wide.
A quick way to check the current size limit on a myMitty assignment is to click on the assignment. The upload page will have the maximum size for an uploaded file listed right above the Upload this file button.

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