Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FutureMe.Org: Letters to the Future

If you have a few minutes this week, check out FutureMe.org.

FutureMe is a low key website which allows you to create an email message that will be delivered to your address at a future date. Imagine writing an email message as a Freshman and having it be delivered the night before graduation? Or writing a message after Kairos and receiving it a year later.


  1. Very nice idea. I did notice in the right column emails that were public and there was some objectionable language. Not sure if this can be "turned off"?

  2. Interesting. The public messages when I looked at FutureMe were fairly inane and innocuous. But I can see how language could be an issue.

    I did some more looking around and found WhenSend (http://www.whensend.com). As of right now it is much less cluttered. Maybe that would work better.