Monday, February 25, 2013

Using the iPad camera for lab activities.

Here is an example of how the camera and notability app have transformed a lab activity product from mediocre to meaningful.

 In this science lab activity the students had to make models of organic carbon compounds using ball and stick  kits a very traditional lab and draw the structure and write the formula.

                                                                      Pre- Ipad  era
                                                                     Pen and paper

Early- iPad Era
Students use the notability app and draw the structures

Mid - iPad Era
Now students build the models, take a picture, load to notability and can annotate.
This shows the structure, the colors of atoms and relates exactly to what the students did during the lab activity. 
Simple, efficient,  more realistic and a enhances the opportunity for a student to remember  the structure.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Kate! This is a great example of how we can re-envision our classrooms with the iPad!