Sunday, February 10, 2013

EZ Seating Charts with SMART SEAT App

The Smart Seat App for iPad is an easy way to create your classroom seating charts breaking classroom doldrums and  recreating the learning environment for the students.

Check out the video for some of the features -the iPad app is a little different from the app shown in the video.  On a daily basis you may use Smart Seat to make notes by clicking on a student name, for example" absent needs to take test" or " good participation"  or "homework missing".
 It's efficient and simple

Set up your classes- select New empty Class-give it a title
Copy class roster from Attendance on Compass
and then paste into Smart Seat

and hit "Done"
Now you need to arrange the seats /desks- hit MORE- and then seating charts. Use your finger to pan up/down and right /left to increase and decrease the number of seats.

 You can project the seating chart from the reverse perspective so students can find their new seat easily upon entering the classroom.  Then email the chart to yourself and print out for a substitute teacher.
 And best of all, the next time the students ask " can we change seats"- with the swipe of a finger or a daring click of the random button- it's done.

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