Monday, September 23, 2013

Screenleap - Share your computer screen to any browser

Screenleap allows you to broadcast your computer screen (or just a part of your screen) to any device with a browser. It's SUPER SIMPLE. Just go to, and you can begin broadcasting from there. It will provide you with two ways for students to see your screen: 1) a share code (students would go to and type in the code) OR 2) a direct link for students to paste into their browser (you could make it even easier for them by putting the link up on your myMitty page, so all they have to do is click!) If you see yourself using this consistently, you might consider signing up for an account, which means that students wouldn't need to get a new code or link every time you start a session. I signed up for a free account (gives you 2 hours of broadcast per day), and I've put up a link to my broadcast page ( at the top of my class's myMitty page, so anytime I want them to see my screen, I will just instruct them to click on that link on their iPads. I can control from my computer what section of my screen I want to broadcast, and I can pause and resume the broadcast whenever I want. It's essentially an alternative to using your projector, especially if you're showing detailed things on your computer that may be difficult for students at the back of the room to see up on the projector screen.

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