Friday, September 6, 2013

Making Class Work "Count"

In my classes, I often use worksheets in Notability to guide class activities or group conversations.  Students always ask me if these worksheets "count" for anything.  If I tell them that they will upload the worksheet, they always take it more seriously; if I say it's just for their own use, it's harder for me to keep them on track.  This year, however, I'm trying something new.  Every time I post a worksheet on myMitty, I also post a place for them to upload the completed worksheet (whether or not I intend for it to be uploaded at the end of the class).  When they see the UPLOAD link, they feel more pressure to stay on task.  At the end of class, I verbally tell them if it has to be uploaded.  
I told my students at the beginning of the year that they should just assume that they will have to upload every document we work on in class--I won't grade all of them, but they will never know when I'm going to grade them.  This helps keeps everyone on task in class, and it minimizes the number of questions I get about grades on in-class activities.

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