Friday, February 21, 2014

Accessing your Class from an iPad

Did you know that you can access all of your submissions from the TurnItIn iPad app?

Due to the fact that we have integrated with myMitty, signing into the iPad app takes a few steps. But it is well worth the effort. Here are the directions (adapted from the support site):


You will need a unique class access code in order to log in to your classes on Turnitin for iPad. To generate your unique class access code:

From your laptop:
  1. Sign into myMitty
  2. Open the document viewer for a TurnItIn assignment in the class
  3. Click on the iPad access button in the lower left
  4. Click “Generate code”
  5. The unique class access code will be displayed. Copy this code - you will need to enter it on your iPad.
From your iPad:
  1. Download the TurnItIn iPad app 
  2. Tap the “Access Code” button on the Turnitin for iPad app login screen
  3. Type in the class access code you have generated earlier
  4. Tap “Add”
You can now access your TurnItIn class through the TurnItIn iPad app.

NOTE: Class access codes are one-time use only. If you log out or “Unlink iPad from Turnitin,” you will need to generate a new access code for the class by repeating the steps above.

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