Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Text Expansion: aText

aText Basics
Ways to use text expansion to make your daily computer use easier.

aText is an app for your computer that allows you to create shortcut or "snippets" for things you type all the time. Below are some different ways you can easily use aText in your daily computer use. If you are interested in downloading the app please contact the IT department.

Example of a snippet- ;hc = Thanks, Ms. H-C

Mymitty Grading:
  • Online assignments: Create codes for things you find yourself saying over and over again. Positive feedback or suggestions.
  • Moodle 2.0: with the new moodle you can write comments directly on PDF’s, so you will be able to add specific comments that you use often to specific parts of an essay or assignment.
  • Emails to students: about make up exams, missing homework, etc.
  • Form emails like: parent emails, copy center request, and extracurricular emails (clubs, BC, sports, etc.)
  • Email sign off: personal vs. professional
  • Some emails have specific information that needs to be added based on who is receiving the email. You can create a “field” which allows you to leave an interactive blank where you need to import certain information. Then, it prompts you to enter the specific information into the field before it copies your text.
Parent Reports:
  • When sending parent reports there are certain pieces of information that are standard. You can create a boilerplate report and then add in specifics about the particular student as you go.
Other ways to use aText:
  • Observations
  • Also works with the PDF pen- can add set text on PDF’s
  • Kairos Cookies
  • When setting up your snippets think about what is easiest for you to make your codes unique. I use semi-colons, and some people use double letters. It is really up to you.
  • You can easily search your codes or “snippets” using the aText search snippets. Just start typing in what you think the code includes and all the quotes with that keyword will appear. This is helpful when you are first starting out as it allows you quick access to all your codes.
    • Example: If I type quote into the search box, all my snippets with the word quote in them will immediately pop up and I can see the shortcut.

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