Friday, October 18, 2013

Use Doceri to avoid getting behind when you miss a class period!

This week, I had to miss Period 3B because of a Cross Country Meet. I was able to use Doceri to prevent one of my classes from getting behind. In order to do this, you'll need the Doceri App on your iPad and on your computer. Click here for tutorial videos showing how to use Doceri.

Here are the steps to record your computer screen and audio during class:

  • Open Doceri on your computer.
  • Open Doceri on your iPad and sync it with your computer.
  • Hit Start Recording in the top left to begin. This will record a live image of what's on your computer screen, any annotations you make with the Doceri pen tool, and audio from your internal iPad microphone. In my example below, I showed a PowerPoint, annotated it with the Doceri pen tool, and showed a YouTube video in Safari.
  • Hit Stop Recording and drag the file to the YouTube icon to upload the video.
  • Copy and paste the YouTube link to myMitty and it's ready for your students to watch.
On Wednesday, I emailed my Period 3B students and instructed them to bring headphones to class on Thursday. On Thursday morning, I recorded the fifteen minute lecture portion of Period 1 using the method above. I posted the link during lunch and left campus for my meet. During Period 3B, the students watched the video on their iPads and answered questions in myMitty.

Here's the recording:

If you would like to learn more about this or practice with me in the Parker Hall library, ask anytime!

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  1. A very useful tool indeed. Pulling a lesson plan together is an arduous task and this app really help keep the lesson alive. I have not used doceri for a while but will give it a go next week!

    Thanks Graham