Monday, November 18, 2013

Stickies on your desktop

Stickies is a simple note taking application that has been included on every Mac for almost 20 years now. However it has gained a huge amount of new functionality over the past few years.

If you aren't familiar with Stickies, you'll find it in the Applications folder. You can create as many sticky notes as you'd like, and they remain on your desktop until you close the application. The next time you open it, they will all still be there!

If you have already been using Stickies, did you know that:
- you can color code your notes?
- you can make notes translucent?
- you can add pictures or embed videos into your notes?
- you can search for text in your notes?
- you can format with different fonts and add bullets and lists?
- you can zoom a sticky so that it takes up your entire screen with one click?

Here's a link to an article that explains how you can do all these things:

Share with us in the comments section how you have been using Stickies on your desktop to help you organize!

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