Monday, October 13, 2014

What is so great about iOS 8?

A few weeks ago, Apple released their newest iOS update. At first glance iOS 8 may not appear different, but there are some wonderful new features. 

Below are a few highlights from a document I wrote for faculty and staff about

Multitasking with App Switcher 
Double click the home button and all of your most recent contacts will appear across the top of your screen. Tap the contacts icon and immediately place a phone call, email, or send a text. When presenting in front of the class, you might want to consider hiding your recent contacts.

Predictive Text 
Typing just got a lot easier. When typing, suggested words appear just above the keyboard. The suggestions are based on common phrases and words that may come next in your sentence. It is also possible to download additional keyboard apps such as Swype that let you type without raising a finger

Send Last Location 
The “Find My Phone (iPad)” feature just go a lot better. Now when you have misplaced a device, you can track the last place it was before the battery went dead.

Phone calls on your iPad?  
If your iPhone is in close proximity to your iPad, your iPhone calls may now start showing up on your iPad. Your phone and iPad need to be using the same iCloud account (Apple ID).

Open in 
Rearrange the order of your app icons so that your favorites show up first. Simply hold down on an icon, and then drag it to the front of the line. Another way to do this is to tap on “More” and then arrange the order by dragging app bars .

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